In-Office Services

Additional In-Office Services

Rheumatology Center provides many in-office services for the convenience of its patients. Services like bone density, nerve conduction studies, skin biopsies, blood work, and more.

Infusions of Biologics

RCI offers IV infusion therapy, supporting overall improvement in quality of life for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus and Osteoporosis requiring biologic medications. Our infusion suite is an ideal place for patients to receive infusion services which are performed by highly qualified and trained nurses. We offer personalized care, easy scheduling, as well as a comfortable welcoming environment.

Infusions | Rheumatology Center Inc

  • Remicade
  • Orencia
  • Rituximab

OT Room

Our Occupational Therapy suite is equipped with all tools required to provide the necessary treatment to alleviate pain and make patients feel at home.

OT Room |


Osteoporosis Medicines

  • Boniva
  • Reclast


  • Viscosupplementation products into the knees for treatment of osteoarthritis

Achilles Bone Density

Nerve Conduction Studies

  • Non-Invasive Nerve Conduction studies with the

Skin Biopsies

Laboratory Workup

Our laboratory facility is located within our premises. We draw the blood and prepare it for pickup. In our lab we administer Tuberculin Tests to check for Tuberculosis as well as Achilles Ultrasounds to check for Bone Mineral Density.



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